Furry Beaded Ties / Belts

All ties (which can also be used as decorative belts) are handknit using high quality fur yarns, and have a strand of strung beads hand sewn to each end (see illustration below).  These should not need to be washed, but if necessary, hand wash very carefully using mild soap and dry flat.
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Note: This sweater is featured in the adult knitwear section, and the hat can be found on the hats page.

Variegated rainbow in gold, orange, pink, and purple fuzzy yarn with bright and pale yellow and silver bead strand

White, silver, and gold sparkly fuzzy yarn with white and gold bead strand

Light pink sparkly furry yarn with pink zig-zag bead strand

Navy blue fuzzy yarn with navy and olive bead strand

Variegated rainbow in purple, turquoise, olive, and brown fuzzy yarn with multi-colored bead strand

Turquoise, green, and lime furry yarn with olive and gold bead strand

Royal purple sparkly fuzzy yarn with purple bead strand

Soft rainbow shades fuzzy yarn with bright and pale yellow and silver bead strand

Black sparkly fuzzy yarn with black zig-zag bead strand

Navy blue and green variegated sparkly fuzzy yarn with turquoise and clear bead strand

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