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I first began studying art in high school, and for four years learned many basics of color, layout, composition, drawing, and sculpture. I continued with more in-depth art studies for a few years in college before deciding on a major in Spanish, which eventually took me to Spain.

I learned knitting while living in Spain from a woman who was the fastest, most accomplished knitter I have ever met. She does not use patterns, so that was the way I learned as well, designing garments on paper if necessary before knitting them.  There were some fabulous yarns in Europe that caught my interest, so I bought all I could stuff into my luggage before returning.

Once back in the states, I discovered that the bulk of the readily-available yarns were what I called "grandma afghan" yarns - thick acrylic four-ply.  I wasn't disappointed long, though, when I discovered with amazement that many people were still practicing the art of handspinning yarn from sheep's wool and other fibers. I soon found a teacher who gave me a 2-hour lesson on a drop spindle and a wheel. I walked out of her studio with a Louet wheel, bobbins, fiber, and the excitement of having spun my first rope... er... yarn.

Other fiber and bead arts developed as the years went by, and now I dabble in quite a few types of crafts.

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