Oblong and Twisted Beads

All beads shown were hand made using polymer clay.  All those of a particular design are shown in each photo; that is, what you see is what's available unless otherwise stated.
Back to Polymer Beads PCBDOT001 - Turquoise, sky blue, green, dark blue   PCBDOT002 - Turquoise, sky blue, green, dark blue  
  PCBDOT003 - Turquoise, bright pink   PCBDOT004 - Pink, white, red, purple  
  PCBDOT005 - Pink, white, red, purple   PCBDOT006 - Pale pink, pale blue  
  PCBDOT007 - Turquoise, green, red, gold, more   PCBDOT008 - Pale blue, pale turquoise, pale pink
PCBDOT009 - Green, pink, white
PCBDOT010 - Pink, purple, red, white
PCBDOT011 - Deep pink, purple, turquoise

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